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READING 900-243
M 31 (Stockbroker, Hebrew)

This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his office, 115 West 35th Street, Virginia Beach, Va., this 21st day of June, 1926, in accordance with request made by self - [900].

Present: Edgar Cayce; Mrs. Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Dr. T. B. House.

Time and Place: 4:00 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. Deal, N.J.


  1. GC: You will have before you the body and the enquiring mind of [900], of ..., Deal, N.J., and the dreams this body had on the dates which I will give you. You will give the interpretation and lesson to be gained from each of these, as I read same to you, and you will answer the questions which I will ask you regarding same.
  2. EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [900]. This we have had here before. The dreams as come to the body are, as we see, nearer the correlation of those conditions in which the consciousnesses of the individual are made apparent to the body conscious mind, through the correlation of the mental development and the subconscious forces of the entity, with the superconscious intuitive forces of the entity. Hence some appear as in vision, with the voice, or impression, or the feeling as a literal experience of the entity being called, pushed, or directed by self, or by the influence of the inner being. Ready for dream.
  3. (Q) Friday Morning, June 18, or Saturday Morning, June 19, 1926. "Saw the stock ticker and Marland Oil."
    (A) In this there is that indication of that condition as respecting the condition in oils. Marland Oil the leader in the present changes in oil, through those changes as are being expected through the combination and through the investigation of oils, and hence becomes, as it were, the criterion for the various oil activities. That is, when this special one begins to advance, the advance may be more or less in other issues. When this stops without some specific condition happening, this may be the warning that others will not advance.
  4. (Q) "Mack! Mack! Mack!"
    (A) Trucks again and industrials that will show still an advance when there comes breaks, breaking then in the present week to some five to six points short, as is seen in the next that there are many various conditions, and varied conditions, that are to take place in the stock changes in the present week. Hence the innecessity of the entity to be in the rush, for the exchange will shake down much before the great advance is to begin, for not only with the summer slump that begins in the next week, with other conditions, and various reports, will also cause some deflation, and the entity well be out until some stabilized condition has come about.
  5. (Q) "I was crossing an avenue, asleep yet conscious - that is, unable to see the trolley cars and vehicles that endangered me. It seemed dreary and rainy and I felt my way about, unable to awaken to my surroundings. Finally a policeman guided me safely over and I rested on him, relying upon him fully."
    (A) In this there is seen, in this emblematical way and manner, that condition, as it were, as is taking place within the mental developments of this entity, [900], that through the mental capacities of the entity, though these are awakened to the possibilities of the use of the unseen forces, as is were, the only real guide, direction, that may be relied upon is as that subconscious force that is as the police to the entity, both in the physical, material, and in the spiritual planes, and, as this will guide and direct the entity, in that same way and manner as the police in their regular capacity, or as in the capacities under which the various phases of what the police present or represent in the physical life, so may the mis-directed, the misconception of the subconscious mind of an entity be heralded, weighed, become subject to the same conditions as is seen, and, as such an entity presents to the conscious mind of the individual. That is, the police, the subconscious mind, represent one as with the other. As one represents the law, that guides, directs, and that way upon which the entity, which ANY entity, may rely for the enforcement of that which will keep in peace, in war, in any condition, that straight way for the best interest of each and every individual, so may the subconscious forces of an entity guide and direct, but in the same way and manner as these (the police) may become subject to all of the vicissitudes that are ever present within the conditions in life, so may the subconscious forces, mis-directed, mis-guided, or seeking to belittle the self from the developments as held within an entity through its experience in the earth's plane.
  6. (Q) "[136] and I were clinging to each other on a fast moving elevated train. We came to a sharp curve - it seemed the 53 St. L. curve. It was still wet, the rails slippery, and it was dark and dreary. 'They had a bad accident here before' I said. 'I hope they make the turn this time.' We made it safely but another turn loomed ahead, just as it does at 53rd St. 'L' line. The train slowed a little, then put on full speed. 'I wonder if we will make the second curve?' I asked, still clinging to [136]. Just before we went around the curve I awakened."
    (A) The same condition as is seen in the first, carried into the nth degree, or given as an illustration to the entity of that lesson as is being given in that as is represented in that which may be the directing force in an entity's experience through the physical or the spiritual plane, and, as is seen by holding to someone tenet, as is seen in the entity's clinging to an individual, the condition of not keeping the self in that position of being able to grasp the whole situation without the fear of another condition will at times present this same fear as is seen in this portion of the vision, see? Just another presentation of the same lesson as is being seen, which must be weighed by the individual, and, as is seen in the rest of this, what it comes to in its conclusion.
  7. (Q) In our house at Deal. I wanted to press the electric light button to light up the house. Instead I rang a bell and our butler appeared in response. Then a commotion arose. It seemed in connection with my right to conduct the psychic investigations of the Cayce Institute and also of my right to any place in the philosophical or theological, professors all wanted me out of it. Their spokesman and my chief antagonist was Rabbi Stephen Wise [Stephen Samuel Wise]. "Who chose him, anyhow," asked Wise scathingly. "The Lord chose him," Cayce replied. "Nonsense!" said Wise. I was helpless and the commotion or argument started again with Cayce defending my position as leader, because the Lord had so decreed. Finally, they all agreed to abide by a reading, the reading was to be taken on whether this entity, [900], was the man for the job of leader in the psychic work and philosophical pursuits. So Cayce repaired to his couch and prepared for a reading. The question put, the reply came as follows: "This entity, [900], is chosen of the Lord for this leadership, because this entity understands Christianity and all it implies better than do Christian themselves. In the mind of this entity is the understanding - the interpretation of the precepts given by the founder of Christianity and that upon which Christendom is based."
    (A) This, as we see, comes as the conclusion to those same lessons as have been presented in the first portion of the visions that are given the material basis and the hypothesis of the position, and the questioning of same in their various positions as they occupy the various phases of the fields of the philosophical and theological forces in such phenomena, and as is seen in the interpretation, with the dream or vision of the entity, the theory of the entity's fitness is fitted in with these conditions as are presented in the various phases. Hence the justification of the individual in the conclusion brings to the entity that position which the entity must occupy to fulfill and to carry out that message as has been given that the entity, [900], must give to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and to the peoples, for, as has been given, to the peoples of Israel is given that they shall lead the rule of the peoples to the fold, see?
  8. (Q) Then I doubted my own power. For example, I reasoned, Christ stilled the waves of the sea and quieted the storm. I may not do that, I reasoned.
    (A) (Interrupting) Yet, as is seen in the words of the Master, "Greater works than I do shall YE do in my name." That is, wherein and when the entity uses self in that same way and manner in which the Master used self in the material world the entity, through that same force as applied by the Master in the physical world, may do even greater works than seen, for, though they may not be in the manner of walking on the water, or stilling the storm on the sea, yet the compassing of space, and the transmuting of faith, power, force, strength, to the heart of the weary and the heavy laden becomes even greater than these material conditions seen of men, that THEIR faith might be made strong in Him. Continue.
  9. (Q) I believe I grasp the point now.
    (A) (Interrupting) Certainly.
  10. (Q) So long as I bend my will to serve creation, to serve Man, that the latter may the better achieve eternal life, (feed His lambs) so long am I immune to harm - nothing shall hurt or stop me. I lean upon the unseen arm that guides me. Confucius remained unafraid when he ran into a gang of robbers. Others were killed, he was not. "I have a mission to perform, a message to give and I will be protected until it is accomplished," he said. In spite of dangers and risk he came thru. Then so long as I make my efforts one with the efforts of the creative power, that power will protect, guide and foster my efforts, such that neither the elements, the sea, the land or all that is in them shall harm me. Rather will they be the tools, the instruments, by which this purpose is fulfilled. Then like Him I may say to those who work with me: "Be not of little faith, for the Lord is but doing what we ourselves are seeking to achieve. We have no need to fear."
    (A) The fear, as is seen, may only come from within, through that same manner of means as is given in the first portion of the vision, for, as has been given, the entity has been chosen the vessel for the message to many peoples, that many peoples of many climes, of many religions, may be united in one, under the banner of the Redeemer who came, and who will, as has been shown this entity, recognize EVEN THIS ENTITY as with the Son.
  11. We are through for the present.


  1. 6/23/26 He obtained Ck. Physical 137-83 for his brother.

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